Nursery policies and procedures

At Little Angels Day Nursery we feel the welfare and safety of our staff and children is of the upmost importance. We have policies and procedures in place for staff,parent,carers and children to adhere to at all times when attending our setting. These are reviewed regularly and updated in our monthly newsletter.
Here is a sample of some of our policies and procedures.


The welfare and safety of all the children who attend Little Angels Day Nursery is paramount and it is the responsibility of all the staff to safeguard every child within the setting. Upon commencing employment at Little Angels, all staff undergo checks to ensure their suitability with working with young children. No staff will be left unsupervised with children unless they have their CRB enhanced disclosure. All visitors and students are never left unattended. College students must also provide evidence of their CRB enhanced disclosure. Due to the many hours of care we are providing, it is possible that staff may be the first people to become aware that there is a problem, even before the parent / carer. As such we believe we have a duty to the children to act quickly and responsibly in any instance that may come to our attention.

The staff within the nursery are able to respond appropriately to:

  • Significant changes in children’s behaviour;
  • Deterioration in their general well-being;
  • Unexplained bruising, marks or signs of possible abuse;
  • Neglect;
  • The comments children make which give cause for concern.

We will work together with other agencies to ensure that all the children in the setting are protected and stay safe from harm. It is also a responsibility of ours to work together to implement arrangements of the Common Assessment Framework if a child / family requires it. We, as professionals, will also offer support and guidance for families who need it, to help them achieve the every child matters 5 key outcomes:

  • Being healthy;
  • Staying safe;
  • Enjoying and achieving;
  • Making a positive contribution;
  • Achieving economic well-being.


At Little Angels Day nursery we are committed to providing an environment that is safe, welcoming and free from bullying for all, children and adults alike. Bullying of any form is unacceptable, whether the offender is a child or an adult. The victim is never responsible for being the target of bullying

Bullying damages individual children. We therefore do all we can to prevent it, by developing a company ethos in which bullying is regarded as unacceptable. As a company we will produce a safe, secure environment where all children can learn without anxiety.

We believe that every child has the right to expect an environment which:

  • Is safe and caring
  • Provides challenges but is non-threatening
  • Encourages children to feel secure
  • Values children’s opinions
  • Shows an awareness of children’s individual needs and attempts to meet them

We believe that every adult has the right to expect a work place which:

  • Helps them to feel valued and supported
  • Listened to and respected
  • Promotes positive interactions between staff
  • Having an open door policy where staff can come and express their feeling or concerns

Bullying is defined as ‘the repeated harassment of others through emotional, physical, verbal or psychological abuse’

Behaviour management

Children need to have set boundaries of behaviour for their own safety and the safety of their peers. We aim to set these boundaries in ways that help the children to develop a sense of the significance of their own behaviour, both on their own environment and those around them. Restrictions on the child’s natural desire to explore and develop their own ideas and concepts are kept to a minimum.

We wholeheartedly support The Children’s Act 2006 guidelines on behaviour and sanctions, namely that sanctions applied in the case of unacceptable behaviour must take into account of the age and stage of development of the child and are relevant and fair. Examples of behaviour that we do not find acceptable are:-

  • Violent behaviour towards another chid e.g. biting, smacking and pinching
  • A child being verbally abusive towards another child or an adult
  • Violent behaviour towards a member of staff e.g. smacking and kicking
  • Throwing toys or using toys as weapons to hurt another child or adult
  • Staff administering corporal punishment to a child e.g. slapping, smacking or shaking
  • Emotional chastisement (humiliation of a child)
  • Bullying by a child or an adult

If a child uses any behaviour that the nursery deems unacceptable then the child will be disciplined appropriately. Any form of physical punishment will never be used on any child. Any inappropriate behaviour is dealt with by staff immediately by:-

  • Removing a child from a situation
  • Giving time-out to a child
  • Speaking firmly to the child and if they are older, explaining the reason for the discipline.
    If the child is younger saying NO in a firm voice

It is Little Angels Day Nursery policy to promote positive behaviour at all times. Ways in which the nursery will encourage positive behaviour in children are:-

  • Giving positive praise to things they have done well
  • Catching children being good and praising their behaviour
  • Being a good role model
  • Staff being consistent with praise and encouragement
  • Not making too much of a fuss of negative behaviour
  • Having achievement walls and reward systems in place for good behaviour

Special Educational Needs

We at Little Angels Day Nursery provide all our children with broad and balanced activities, which enables them to work towards their full potential and which helps them to overcome their individual needs and difficulties. We aspire to provide an environment which will allow them to become safe, secure, confident, happy, well adjusted and independent citizens within the community. We aim for children not to be disadvantaged by their learning difficulties, disability, gender, race, religion or cultural differences and to make good the ‘Every Child Matters‘ outcomes. We are committed to the integration of children with additional needs, whether physical or educational. Our philosophy is that children with additional needs have the right to be cared for and educated to develop to their full potential along with every other child in the nursery. We feel that everyone stands to gain if all children are allowed to share the same opportunities and helped to overcome any disadvantages they may have.

Little Angels Objectives

  • We plan activities, which are differentiated to take into account the individual needs of the children.
  • We create a learning environment which is conducive to learning, achieving and enjoying.
  • We provide children with opportunities to experience and celebrate success in their learning and play.
  • We make efficient use of resources to enhance children’s learning.


The greatest care will be taken to see that any medication is administered according to the instructions on the bottle or packet. In particular no medication will be administered which is past its expiry date. Records of all medication administered shall be made on the medication forms and witnessed and signed by management and a members of staff. If any medication is administered by a parent on the nursery premises, then they will be asked to sign the medicine form and the administration will be witnessed and countersigned by a member of staff.

Medication will only be administered by the nursery when it is not possible for a parent/carer to do so. i.e. if a child attends nursery for a full day and medicine is needed three times, the nursery will only administer one dose with prior consent. If a new medication is prescribed by the doctor the first dose must be given by the parent/carer. This is in case an allergic reaction occurs. Any medication prescribed by a doctor will be administered with prior written consent.

Equal Opportunities

All children will be treated equally regardless of race, culture, disability, age gender or religion. We will regularly review our childcare practice to remove those practices which discriminate unfairly on the grounds of gender. We acknowledge that pre-conceptions relating to gender and sexism are abundant within language and we will challenge such language where appropriate.

Each child within the nursery will be treated as an individual and we will endeavour to respect each child’s rights. All children will be included in all activities. Self-esteem will be encouraged, by making children feel valued and good about themselves. Positive attitudes in the nursery are encouraged and developed by rewarding good behaviour. The staff will give positive praise, appropriately and will be good role models at all times.

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